Frequently Asked Hydraulic Lifting and Jacking Equipment Questions

The pros at Jacking Solutions understand you may not always know what hydraulic lifting and jacking equipment is best suited to your particular application. If you have questions, we’ve got answers! From simple rental inquiries to more extensive project problem solving, our specialists can provide the expert advice and assistance you need. We’ve seen it all in our many years of experience, and you can count on us to point you in the right direction on your project.

Q: What if we’re not sure which construction equipment we need to rent?

A: Our highly-trained and experienced specialists are happy to review your needs and discuss rental options. Please be prepared with information on the weight or load you want lift, as well as the number of lifting points available and the height you want to lift to. Jacking Solutions also offers quality hydraulic lifting and jacking equipment sales and service.

Q: Can different capacity jacks be used with one pump?

A: We don’t recommend this, as pressure will always travel the path of least resistance.

Q: What capacity jacks should we use when lifting 50 tons?

A: You should always try to have a 2:1 ratio when lifting. In this specific case, you’d need jacks whose total lifting capacity is 100 tons or more.

Q: Can anyone rent this type of equipment from Jacking Solutions?

A: In order to rent equipment from our company, you must have a Certificate of General Liability with an insurance policy of two million dollars or more. Jacking Solutions must also be listed as the ‘certificate holder’.

Q: How many cylinders of the same capacity can we use with one pump?

A: The number of cylinders used is limited only by the capacity of the hydraulic reservoir in question.

Q: Can we use our own pump with cylinders provided by Jacking Solutions?

A: Yes. You can utilize our cylinders as long as your pump is correctly pressure-rated and has the right valve for the cylinder(s) being used.

Q: What charges can we incur if we damage a cylinder or pump?

A: If any component of rented property is damaged or destroyed, it’s the customer’s responsibility to pay for all corresponding repairs or the cost of replacing the item.

Q: How do we pay for our equipment rental?

A: Payment for construction equipment rentals must be by credit card deposit before or at the time of rental pick-up. You may set up an account prior to the rental, but this might cause a delay in your pick-up time.

Q: Are there any after-hour services available?

A: Yes. Contact our office to make these arrangements, and please be advised that appropriate charges will apply.

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A: Yes!

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