Hydraulic Lifting Equipment Safety Recommendations in Portland

lifting equipment safety portlandDo you need hydraulic lifting equipment for an upcoming project in Portland? Securing the right construction equipment is important, as is the safety of those working at the site. A hydraulic lifting equipment specialist can help you find the perfect machinery, but it’s up to you to ensure it’s operated safely. Keep the following safety recommendations in mind as you prepare for your project.

Identify Site Hazards

Every job site is different, from terrain to weather conditions. You must take every factor seriously and identify all potential hazards before work begins. If you have any doubts about the safety and the condition of the ground, ask a construction equipment specialist for assistance.

Consider Weight/Load

Once you know that the ground is secure, assess the capacity of your equipment. Keep the weight and load capacity in mind and take steps to ensure that progress requirements won’t put a strain on the machinery.

Use Safe Lifting Techniques

Always do a final visual inspection prior to operating equipment. Always read the instruction manual for the equipment before use, and if certification is required, don’t allow use of the machine without proper training and certification. Even if you’ve been on-site for days, check all safety decisions and look for obstructions continuously.

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