Buy or Rent Hydraulic Lifting Equipment in Portland?

hydraulic lifting equipment portlandIf you’re considering purchasing hydraulic lifting equipment for your business in Portland, you might be wondering which tools to invest in first. You may also be considering renting instead of buying. But which solution is better? Here are a few things to consider while making your decision.

Do a Cost Benefit Analysis

Think about the cost of new equipment and your budget. Will the expenses you incur renting equipment be a better fit budget-wise than purchasing new? Also take into consideration maintenance, storage and cost of transporting the equipment to and from worksites if you own it.

When to Buy

In general, you should buy the equipment if you need it for more than 70% of your projects. Other factors to consider are whether rental equipment will be available when you need it. If your projects are high-priority and you can’t afford to wait, buying might be your best option. You can also consider buying used equipment.

When to Rent

Heavy equipment such as earthmovers and excavators require a large investment that will remain tied up until you sell it. Renting the equipment can save you from this hassle. With a rental, the service provider delivers and picks up the equipment, saving you storage and transportation costs.

Interested in Renting or Purchasing Hydraulic Lifting Equipment in Portland?

Whether you are interested in buying or renting your equipment, contact us today at Jacking Solutions to schedule a risk-free consultation or to request a quote. Our highly-trained specialists have served the Portland community since 1980 and always provide expert advice, quality products and unbeatable costumer care. Whatever your needs, we have the knowledge, skills and equipment to meet them. You can also depend on us for construction equipment services.

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