Understanding Bridge Jacking and Support in Seattle

bridge jacking seattleBridge jacking can be used to overcome various problems during new construction, as well as assist with the adjustment of existing structures in Bellevue. This is likely the best solution if phasing is either ineffective or impossible due to time constraints. Having a clear understanding of the process and construction equipment necessary to complete it is essential to ensuring the project proceeds according to plan. 

Jack Types

There are a couple of different jack types used for bridge jacking: hydraulic jacks and flat jacks. As conventional hydraulic lifting equipment, hydraulic jacks are capable of handling varying weights. Those equipped with swivel heads can even accommodate slight misalignments of the jacking surface. Flat jacks can manage the same weight, but are appropriate for both temporary and permanent solutions. They are ideal in situations where the space available for jacking is particularly small.


Many things must be considered before bridge jacking can occur. Some potential issues that need to be addressed include corroding bearings and poor bearing articulation. You’ll also need to consider the likely failure mode of the structure in question, as well as the deck movement in relation to the supports. Depending on your circumstances, it may also be appropriate to discuss potential hydraulic lifting equipment rentals with a professional. 

Need Assistance with Bridge Jacking in Seattle?

If you’re preparing for a bridge jacking project in Seattle, consider enlisting the help of Jacking Solutions. Our experienced specialists can provide the guidance, service and equipment you need to ensure everything goes as planned. In addition to hydraulic lifting equipment service, you can also count on our company for high-quality equipment rentals and sales. Contact us today for more information.

Hydraulic Lifting Equipment & Bridge Jacking in Seattle

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