Safety Inspection Requirements for All Types of Hydraulic Lifting Equipment in Seattle

types of hydraulic lifting equipment seattleThere are numerous types of hydraulic lifting equipment available in Seattle. Each is unique and requires its own inspection checklist. Make sure you or the operator is examining every piece of construction equipment thoroughly after each use. The areas of greatest concern generally include the lights, undercarriage, steps, handrails, brakes, fuel tanks, lifting arms, grease lines and body. A good, standard checklist covers a wide array of machinery elements. 

Wheeled Machines

In addition to your standard checklist, it’s imperative that the machine’s tires are thoroughly examined. This includes looking at the tread, valve stems and inflation levels. The axles and drive shafts will also need extra attention. Additionally, make sure the rims are inspected regularly. Any damage or problems with the lug nuts should be reported and addressed immediately. 

Tracked Machines

When you or your operators are inspecting tracked equipment, look at the machine’s undercarriage and check that the rollers, idler wheels and sprockets are all in good working order. Metal track shoes and links must be evaluated to ensure they’re functioning properly. If your equipment has rubber tracks, you’ll also need to check the torsion axles and tension.

All Types of Hydraulic Lifting Equipment Inspected by a Seattle Professional

If you’d like your hydraulic lifting equipment to be inspected by a professional in Seattle, call Jacking Solutions today. We specialize in construction equipment services and know what to look for. Need a replacement while your machine is in the shop? We also offer hydraulic lifting equipment rentals. Additionally, our company offers hydraulic lifting equipment salesContact us today for a consultation.

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