Preparing Your Hydraulic Lifting Equipment for Cold Weather in Portland

preparing your hydraulic lifting equipment portlandPreparing your hydraulic lifting equipment for cold weather in Portland? Colder temperatures can make working with and storing your construction equipment more difficult. There are, however, a few things you can do to ensure your machinery is ready for winter. Keep the following tips in mind.

Use the Right Fluids

Most hydraulic lifting equipment fluids come rated for specific temperatures. Take some time to review product information to ensure the fluids you purchase are appropriate for the winter weather in your area. A professional can help you select the right product if you’ll be using your equipment in cold environments this season.

Keep Filters Clean

Another suggestion is to keep your filters clean and in good condition. Examining, maintaining and replacing the fuel, air and hydraulic filters regularly throughout the winter can make a huge difference. This goes a long way in preventing colder temperatures from causing issues with your machinery. 

Check and Replace Hoses

Additionally, have a hydraulic lifting equipment specialist check and replace hydraulic hoses often throughout the winter. The cold tends to be especially tough on hoses, which can crack and begin leaking if the temperature drops too low.

Store Lifts Properly

If you don’t plan on using your equipment during the winter, have it properly stored. When possible, opt for an enclosed storage facility. This ensures your machinery is protected from snow and ice. 

Need Help Preparing Your Hydraulic Lifting Equipment for Winter in Portland?

If you need help preparing your hydraulic lifting equipment for winter, count on the pros at Jacking Solutions. We’ve serviced machinery in Portland for years and know how to adjust for colder temperatures. We also offer other construction equipment services, including hydraulic lifting equipment sales, hydraulic lifting equipment rentals, maintenance and repair. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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