Recommended Checklist for Maintaining Your Hydraulic Lifting Equipment in San Francisco

maintaining your hydraulic lifting equipment san franciscoEstablishing a checklist for maintaining your hydraulic lifting equipment in San Francisco is key to productivity. No matter what kind of construction equipment you use, regular service and inspections are crucial. Not only will your machinery last longer, but you’ll spot potential issues early and save money on repairs. Use the following guideline to create and use your own exterior maintenance checklist.


It’s important to check the lights on all your hydraulic lifting equipment regularly. This includes headlights, brake lights and warning lights, all of which are instrumental. Inspecting machinery lighting is particularly important if you’re running jobs at night or in the winter when it gets dark earlier.


The undercarriage of your hydraulic equipment can take a beating. While you’re most likely to see damage and rusting on machinery that’s regularly exposed to salt and de-icing chemicals, issues can develop no matter where you’re working.

Steps & Handrails

The safety of those who run your hydraulic lifting equipment is paramount, so be sure to include checking steps and handrails on your checklist. A loose grab point or rusted step can be extremely dangerous for your workers.


Brake checks include inspecting filters, fluid levels and fittings, among other things. If you suspect an issue, have a hydraulic lifting equipment specialist take a closer look and perform any needed repairs. Machinery with suspected brake problems should be taken out of service until it’s been checked.

Hydraulic Lifting Equipment Maintenance Experts in San Francisco

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Maintaining Hydraulic Lifting Equipment in San Francisco

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