Inspecting Hydraulic Lifting Equipment Engine Compartments in Seattle

lifting equipment seattleIt’s important to inspect the engine compartment of your hydraulic lifting equipment in Seattle. Make this part of your preventative maintenance schedule and, over time, it will save your company time and money. Regular inspections will also help your construction equipment last longer. Here’s what to look for.

Fluid Levels 

Inspect the fluid levels, including the oil, engine coolant and transmission fluids. Make sure these are all topped off and that nothing is leaking.

Air Filters

Depending on construction site conditions, the air and oil filters can get dirty fast. When they’re dirty, replace them as soon as possible. This improves overall machine efficiency and ensures the engine continues to run properly. 

Battery Connections

Like any engine battery terminals, construction engine terminals will show signs of corrosion over time. Watch for this and have a specialist replace the cables if cleaning them causes damage.

Belts and Hoses

You’ll also need to check the belts and hoses for all of your hydraulic equipment for wear. Have a professional ensure everything is tightly attached and that there are no leaks or dry rot present.

Schedule a Hydraulic Lifting Equipment Inspection in Seattle

Jacking Solutions can perform exterior and interior inspections on all your hydraulic lifting equipment in Seattle. We take great care to identify any potential issues early and perform the necessary maintenance and repair quickly so you can get your machinery back to work. You can also take advantage of our equipment rentals if more extensive repairs are necessary. We’ve supported businesses throughout the country for years, offering superior construction equipment services and high-quality hydraulic lifting equipment sales. Contact us for all your equipment needs.

Experienced Hydraulic Lifting Equipment Engine Inspections in Seattle

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