Major Causes of Hydraulic Lifting Equipment Breakdown in Seattle

hydraulic lifting equipment breakdown seattleDoes your business experience hydraulic lifting equipment breakdown in Seattle? While keeping your machinery in top working order is likely one of your top priorities, it’s still possible for construction equipment to break down over time. This can cause significant and expensive delays. Understanding the most common types of failure can help you know what warning signs to look for. 

Sudden Failure

Sudden failure occurs with absolutely no warning and is usually unavoidable. Fortunately, the cause for this kind of breakdown is often easy to identify. In most cases, fixing the issue requires repairing or replacing a single part.

Intermittent Failure

Intermittent failure isn’t quite as jarring. In most cases, you’ll notice the problem appearing sporadically. The cause is usually much harder to identify, making it extremely frustrating. In this case, the best option is preventative maintenance. This gives your equipment specialist the chance to become more familiar with the machinery so he can better anticipate and address issues.

Gradual Failure

Gradual failure is due to the slow wearing down of parts and components. Routine maintenance can help you avoid these breakdowns completely by replacing old parts near the end of their lifespans. Essentially, you can identify potential problem areas and take the appropriate action early.

Need Repair for Hydraulic Lifting Equipment Breakdown in Seattle?

Whether you’ve experienced sudden, intermittent or gradual machinery failure, it’s important to have the issue addressed as soon as possible. The pros at Jacking Solutions are available to help. Our experienced team offers a variety of superior construction equipment services, including hydraulic lifting equipment sales, hydraulic lifting equipment rentals, maintenance and repair. In business since 1980, we’re known for going above and beyond to meet customer needs. Contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment. 

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